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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Defender Association of Philadelphia and A Pennsylvania RSO on Probation and His Experience Registering Under The New Adam Walsh Act

This written by a probationer about his experience complying with the newly enacted Adam Walsh Act in Pennsylvania.

I wanted to pass along my experience on Dec. 21st when I was ordered to report by Probation to register under the new Act 111. I just had to fill out a lot of paperwork, even though I've registered with the State Police before. I had to bring with me my car registration and my mom's, since I drive her car once in a while. I had to give them e-mail addresses and any school or work info. So the usual bs. 

But along with the probation officers were at least 5 representatives from the Defender Association of Philadelphia (where I live). I was shocked to see them, but grateful they were there. They were talking to us one on one and explaining why they want to fight this unjust law. They had a short form for each person to fill out so they could start to get plaintiffs together for a massive lawsuit. And the best part is that they are public defenders, so money is not an issue, although I'm sure they take donations, but I don't know that.  

I've been in contact with the Defender Association of Philadelphia through Karl Baker who is Chief of the Appeals Division for a few months now. He has kept me informed of any court cases that have anything to do with my specific situation. 

I would suggest all of you in PA call or write the Defender Assoc. soon to be a part of this lawsuit or at least to get some more info on the fight. Here is the contact info: Defender Association of Philadelphia1441 Sansom StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19102(215) 568-3190