Though this blog is was originally intended as a resource for offenders in Massachusetts, much of what I write about is applicable to sex offenders in every other state and many countries around the world, especially in Western Europe. Even other non-sex offenders trying to navigate prison, probation and parole, or employment and education opportunities can glean relevant information from this blog and apply it to help overcome their own struggles.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hiccup with 2 Months Left on Probation

First: no, I have not reoffended, violated probation, or something like that

I made an office visit to the courthouse where I was to see my new probation officer.  While there, I asked the bookkeeper to (again) review my account so I knew that I might owe in probation fees.  The bookkeeper came out and said I owed about $2,400.00!  I said that was impossible and she should recheck my account.  $2,400.00 is about 37 months worth of probation supervisory fees and if that were the case, my PO would have violated me a long time ago for violating one of the conditions of my probation (paying probation supervisory fees).

The bookkeeper came back and then said I now actually owed about $1,600.00.  I asked what made the difference but she didn't answer my question directly.

I then met with my new PO and he pulled out a sheet saying I wasn't due to be released from probation until November 2011, which I also said was impossible.  Every document I have from sentencing to my probation contract says I am to be done with probation 10 years from the day I was released from prison, which was July 2001.  He said he'd look into it.

You really have stay on top of things!