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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Preview of upcoming independent film project tentatively titled "Gary Blanton Jr.- Beyond The Label."

On June 2, 2012, a career criminal named Patrick Drum killed two people and planned to kill a third along the Washington state peninsula. Because his victims were listed on the state's public "sex offender" registry, Drum was labeled a "hero" by many in the community. But they judged the victims on the label alone.

Beyond the Label looks at the life of Gary Blanton as told by his widow, Leslie Blanton. Mrs. Blanton, in her own words, goes beyond the media reports and the label given by society, showing Gary Blanton, Jr. as a devoted husband and father, a volunteer in the community, and a man who struggled to overcome the label "Registered Sex Offender."

Gary Blanton, Jr. was officially convicted of "Third Degree Rape"; however, the media failed to mention his conviction was the result of a consensual relationship when Blanton was just 17 years old, a relationship disapproved by his girlfriend's parents. Blanton lived a decade on the registry, working, volunteering, and taking care of his wife and kids, while being singled out and targeted based on the sex offender label. 

This video is restricted and copyrighted by Once Fallen working in cooperation with Leslie Blanton, the wife of Gary Blanton, Jr. This preview is not to be reproduced or redistributed without the expressed written consent of Once Fallen. The preview title and content is a work in progress and may not reflect the finished product.

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