Though this blog is was originally intended as a resource for offenders in Massachusetts, much of what I write about is applicable to sex offenders in every other state and many countries around the world, especially in Western Europe. Even other non-sex offenders trying to navigate prison, probation and parole, or employment and education opportunities can glean relevant information from this blog and apply it to help overcome their own struggles.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spouses of Incarcerated & Registered Sex Offenders

I made a new section of links to highlight blogs from spouses and family members of sex offenders whose voices are often ignored and are at times (amazingly) accused of supporting the abuse of children since they care for the offender and question the efficacy of sex offender laws.  If you have or know of such blogs please post it in a comment or email directly.

I just found I Love a Sex Offender - make sure to check it out.